Kardomah Voices Raised For Vernon Watkins

A pivotal chapter in the life of Vernon Watkins, the friend and artistic soul-mate of Dylan Thomas, was conjured up in sparkling prose by the woman who knew him best, in a performance at Swansea’s The Hyst.

Gwen Watkins, the widow of Vernon Watkins, poet, Bletchley Park code-breaker and Swansea bank clerk, has penned a short and illuminating play, Kardomah Voices, about some of the key happenings her husband’s life, with Kardomah Boys Dylan Thomas, Dan Jones and Fred Janes featuring prominently.

The piece was performed, scrip-in-hand, by actors including Kevin Johns, Melanie Walters and Adrian Metcalfe, on the 50th anniversary of Vernon’s death.

A lifelong champion of her husband’s work, Gwen has always expressed a clear-eyed view of the artistic life, of the effect that dedication to a craft has upon personal relationships, and, notably, on the level of commitment, assiduous care, time and energy a great writer must commit to honing their craft and polishing their words.

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