Charles Uzzell Edwards

Charles Uzzell Edwards (Pure Evil). Artist.

“I was the only New Romantic in the valley. I dressed like Duran Duran when everyone else was into Iron Maiden. It made me stand out. I didn’t fit in and I dressed up a lot dreaming about going clubbing with Steve Strange when in reality I was hanging out in The Quadrant.
My dad was a painter (John Uzzell Edwards). His work was about Welshness – black coal tips, welsh quilts, illustrated books and churches. It was a big inspiration for me to have an artist as a father growing up in Swansea. It was nice for me to come back and paint the Liz Taylor mural on the High Street which is where I grew up. I had my first snog on the High Street.

I think there’s an explosion going on right now in Swansea – a real renaissance. I’ve felt that on the last couple of visits. Swansea has always been culturally important and it’s now having a rebirth and it’s great to be a part of it. Personally I think it’s something they put in the laver bread which they sell down in Swansea Market.”

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