Gemma Copp

Gemma Copp, Artist, Filmmaker, Performer.

“As a child I grew up around the local galleries such as Glynn Vivian and regularly visited Swansea Bay. I went to Swansea College of Art and Design and completed my MA at UWTSD in 2009. In 2012 I won the Welsh Artist of the Year award for my film Rising Tides.

My current exhibition, which is being shown at Mission Gallery, is Temporal Structures and this forms part of the Ephemeral Coast project, which is all about our changing coastline, climate change and coastal erosion. It’s about rising pollution levels in our seas, which could cause dramatic and devastating effects unless we act now.

As a child I used to enjoy long walks along Swansea Bay and I used to feel as if I was escaping the stress of life. There seems to be endless possibilities when you look out at our horizon. Along similar lines, I use art as a form of escapism and feel that it transcends language when considering feelings and emotions, as I do in my work.”

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