Jane Simpson

Jane Simpson, Artist and Gallery owner.

“As a kid growing up in Swansea I was fascinated by the Glynn Vivian Gallery and Swansea Pottery – I was fascinated by our history. Swansea always felt so significant – a city that did things first. But we are also such a modest city, we don’t shout about our firsts although we have lots of them.

I can see now Swansea inspired me to become an artist. I went to Chelsea School of Art & Royal Academy Schools and later showed there in ‘Sensation’. I found the London Art world too complicated. There’s no nonsense here – it’s why after 28 years, I wanted to come back.
Galerie Simpson was supposed to be my studio, I was persuaded to put on a show there and it’s stayed. We’ve exhibited Peter Blake and Gavin Turk, alongside many talented local artists, its become a purpose of it – to empower local artists. I’m now looking for a studio here to start my sculpture work again!

Swansea has a great culture born out of something real. If we get to be UK City of Culture 2021, the grit here will turn into a lot of pearls.”

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